Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752 Review

If Are you searching for a great vacuum cleaner to give you an easier, hassle-free, and more convenient cleaning then, you should give Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet a try. 

Shark is a leading company in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, and this vacuum cleaner is a relatively new model from the giant manufacturer with a motto to make the cleaning process easier. 


It is designed to be a whole-house vacuum cleaner for every household. The cleaner comes with many features which help you clean all the areas of your home –starting from the floors to the ceiling, stairs, and hard to reach places such as under the furniture. 

So far, Shark Rotator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner has received plenty of good reviews online, and on TV commercials. Most people have praised the product for its great cleaning potential and relatively lower price. 

For whom the product is designed?

  • Housewives and homeowners
  • Hotel staffs who need to clean the hotel rooms, lounges, and commercial offices
  • Pet owners to get rid of pet hairs on their floors and carpets
  • Chefs working in restaurants and professional kitchens for an easier and faster cleaning

Key features of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark's Lift-Away Vacuum cleaner has a lot of features that are designed to provide you with a better vacuuming solution. Some of the most important features of this cleaner are listed below:

1. Powered Lift-Away

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet has one of the most important and amazing features which is - the powered lift away option. This feature gives it a great competitive edge against other vacuum cleaners in the market. 

This feature will let you detach the vacuum pod, and use the motor as a portable cleaner. This cleaner will also allow you to clean areas that are usually hard to reach when using other vacuum cleaners, for example- under the furniture, corners, stairs, shelves, bookcases, vents, and even the ceilings. 

The lift-away feature also makes it easy for you to maneuver the vacuum cleaner easily, making the cleaning process faster and less dull which means using Shark's Powered Lift-Away saved time and cleans more areas easily.

2. Advanced cleaning technology

Shark Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner uses the advanced cyclonic technology. This technology separates the fine dirt and dust particles picked by the vacuum cleaner from the air, which helps to prevent the clogging of the filters, and it also helps to maintain a strong suction power throughout the cleaning. 

In addition, it has an extra large dust cup, which makes sure that you do not have to stop cleaning repeatedly to empty the vacuum cleaner, allowing you to clean your house at one go saves you a lot of precious time.

Shark Powered Lift-Away also features a powerful motorized brush. This brush allows you to deep clean a variety of the floors. 

Also, the vacuum has fingertip controls located on the handle, which allows you to adjust the amount of suction when you need to switch between carpets and bare floors. This feature is also useful for cleaning delicate fabrics. 

3. Power steering

Maneuverability is one of the most amazing options of this product which allow cleaning with ease.

The Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaner features a rotator equipped with advanced swivel steering technology. The technology helps to steer around various objects such as furniture during the cleaning process, making it easy for you to navigate. 

You can also detach the vacuum cleaner's motor from the vacuum pod if needed. You can also lay it completely flat on the surface while you are cleaning. 

This is a very unique and special feature to have for a vacuum cleaner, combined with the swivel steering which allows you to clean low places that are obstructed by furniture. You can’t find this ability with most other vacuum cleaners in the market. 

Shark's Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner also comes with powerful LED lights on the floor nozzle and the handle which makes it easy for you to navigate and clean dark areas such as corners, under the furniture, vents, and ceilings. 

4. Great suction power

The Shark TruePet Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner delivers 1200 watts of cleaning power, generating a powerful 270AW suction power.

Allowing you to vacuum dust and dirt particles from floors, carpets, ceiling, or other surfaces in your home, this option significantly increases the efficiency and the cleaning capability of the cleaner. With mighty suction power, it can suck up the finest particles, such as pet hair, from your carpets, floor, and stairs.

Also, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is adjustable, which allows you to clean different surfaces in the house more effectively.

5. Advanced Dust Containment System

Most vacuum cleaners have poor dust containment systems which lead to the leaking of dust and dirt particles back into the house as you are cleaning. 

Fortunately, with the Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaner from Shark, you do not have to worry about this problem. The cleaner comes with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology along with HEPA filtration system. These two systems trap 99.99% of the dust, dirt particles, and other allergens inside the vacuum pod. 

The dust containment system also includes two foam filters to ensure that the dust and allergens do not escape back into the air.

  • The vacuum performs outstandingly on all surfaces
  • The flexible cleaner is extremely easy to use
  • It comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • The way it is designed, it easy to maneuver
  • It is tremendously effective in trapping dust and allergens
  • The vacuum cleaner is relatively heavier compared to other similar cleaners
  • Sometimes carpet and upholstery fibers might get stuck in the rotating bristles while cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is the vacuum cleaner too heavy?

A1. The Shark Powered Lift-Away is very easy to use despite its weight, and while cleaning the carpets and hardwood floors, you can easily maneuver it with one hand. Its lift-away feature allows you to detach the heavy vacuum pod.

Q2. Should I be worried about the vacuum cleaner pushing too hard on delicate carpet fibers?

A2. Not at all. The vacuum cleaner has adjustable suction settings options, which allows you to adjust to reduce the suction power during cleaning delicate carpets and switch back to the more powerful settings when cleaning hardwood floors.

Q3. How is the maneuverability?

A3. The way Shark Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaners’ various features make it easy for you to navigate around your home as you are cleaning.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet comes with a great amount of flexibility and exclusive features which make it very user-friendly. It also produces a lot of suction power with efficiency; hence, improve your cleaning experience.

This appliance helps to reduce the amount of time spent on cleaning. All these qualities come at a relatively affordable price. Therefore, the Shark Powered Lift-Away is a great vacuum cleaner for you to buy in order to improve the quality of cleaning at home.

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