How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs from Your Mattress | How To Kill Bed Bugs

Beds and mattresses are their main source of comfort and relaxation after a long day. Mattresses play an important role in determining how your day would go. 

This is why it essential that you invest in a comfortable mattress to get a good night sleep so that you wake up relaxed enough to face the day ahead. 

However, the good night sleep might get interrupted, if you get a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, bed bugs multiply faster and can be uncontrollable in a short span of time. The bugs mostly live inside the bed and mattresses. 


Here are a few tips on how to get rid of bed bugs in your mattress:

1. Discard the mattress

A simple way out of the bed bug infestation problem is -discarding your mattress. But, getting rid of the mattress won’t solve the bed bug problem in your house. First, you will discard your old mattress, and buy a new one which might also get infested. 

Getting rid of the mattress and bed is an effective way of eliminating a huge percentage of the bed bugs in your home temporarily. 

But, it only makes sense to dispose of a mattress and bed which are seriously infested and are worn out.

In this case to avoid spreading the infestation to your neighbors, make sure to dispose of the mattress carefully and properly. 

If you decide to keep the mattress outside, coordinate the disposal with your areas' trash collection schedule or spray paint it to indicate infestation.

Discard the mattress

Discard the mattress

2. Use a mattress encasement

Once you discard the old mattress and bed, you will bring in new ones. But, your home still is at risk of having bed bugs that may infest the new mattress if you are not cautious.

Therefore, it is important to the need to protect the bed with a mattress encasement. 
High-quality encasement products will not fail you; rather will give you better services. Before using the encasement, get an encasement which is not torn or ripped. 

Once it is installed, any bed bug that tries to get to the mattress in search of fresh blood will be trapped in the encasement and die eventually. Encasements also can be used in an effective way at recovering infested mattresses through the same technique. 

In case of infested beds- it is important, however, not compulsory to remove as many bed bugs as you can before installing the encasement. They only work better when they are intact. So, check it on regular basis to ensure that it has not been ripped off or torn. 

3. Mechanical removal

By mechanical removal, it means- using non-chemical measures to kill bed bugs. This method includes using a vacuum cleaner or steam. The visible bed bugs and eggs on your mattress can be destroyed using these techniques. To get rid of a good percentage of the bugs the methods are effective. 

An electrically powered canister vacuum cleaner is highly recommended to use. To avoid spreading the infestation, use a different vacuum to get rid of bed bugs and a separate one to clean your house. Store the vacuum in a tightly sealed plastic bag or container after using it. 

The cleaner should have a strong suction power and its nozzle should point the bugs directly. Bugs have small claws that allow them to cling to the surface and resist suction while their eggs have the cement-like substance that attaches them to surfaces. 

As a result, to remove bed bugs using a vacuum, you must scrap back and forth to remove the bugs.

Another effective mechanical bug removal method is steaming. Temperatures above 120 degrees F are enough to damage the bugs and their eggs at all stages for about 20 minutes of exposure. 

This is a simple procedure but if it is not used correctly can cause burns or fail to kill the bugs. Read and follow manufacturer safety and directions advice carefully.

Professional pest controllers can handle steaming since there are numerous fine details that must be taken into consideration for effective results. After steaming if you want to use an encasement, it should be installed after the mattress is completely dry to prevent molding.

4. Use pesticides

use pesticides

Spraying your bed or mattress with pesticides

It is never recommended to spraying your bed or mattress with pesticides. However, there might be situations when you must use effective pesticides that eliminate visible bugs and eggs. Be sure to use the pesticides as instructed by the manufacturer. 

If it is sprayed directly on bugs then the pesticides only work effectively, which means the bugs that encounter the sprayed surface after the pesticide has dried, only will survive.

But you have to spray the pesticide repeatedly which is not good for your health. Exposure to chemical pesticides can lead to serious health complications. 


Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Do not get rid of all your bedroom furniture or switch houses because of a bed bug plague. 

Instead of, think of a way to use different bed bug removal methods and be comprehensive with your approach. If one method doesn’t work, do not hesitate to try another or you can also hire a professional pest controller. 

Don’t forget to clear clutter to reduce the bugs hiding places and make locating them easier.

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