How to Easily Install a Filter in a Shark Hand Vacuum?

If you use Shark vacuum cleaner, it is good to have an idea about the basics of installing some of the most important tools of the machine. 

Most Shark vacuums come with filters which purify the room air. The filters are used for capturing smallest particles which can be as smaller as 0.3 microns. Subsequently, as a user of Shark vacuum cleaner, you will get purified air which is safe for you and your family members.

The filters have the ability for trapping pollen, dust mites, bacteria, molds, and smoke. These filers function in a way to ensure your home is really free from any form of dust or allergens. 


Allergens responsible for causing asthma and allergy-related health issues. 

The filters in Shark vacuum cleaner capture everything and provide maximum performance. Therefore, the filters need to be changed or be taken care of as well. 

Usually, vacuum filters last for years if they are taken care of properly. However, sometimes, the cleaning professionals forget to change them which is why the filters get damaged.

If you are thinking of changing the filters, it is highly recommended to know how to change them. There are a few easy steps to install the filter in a Shark handy vacuum. 

You should also consider a few things before changing the filters. This article highlights the steps you should follow to successfully install a filter in your vacuum cleaner. 

Cleaning the Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark vacuum cleaners are high functioning. Thus, the vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned on regular basis. Also, the filter should be replaced as part of the maintenance process of the appliance.

As mentioned above, it is good to know the basics of installing the filters and how to clean the vacuum. Although you can get help from professionals, it is always good to know to get this done on your own.

Importance of the filter and dust cup:

The shark hand vacuum cleaners are small cleaners, powered by a battery. Badges are the best features for holding the vacuums. 

This handy vacuum is very useful when it comes to clean dust in the smaller areas.

The filter played a vital role along with the dust cup. Dust cup serves as an important tool to protect delicate parts that are there with the motor. 

Operating the vacuum cleaner without using filter can result in debris and dirt getting into the motor. 

If the motor comes in contact with dust, it may cause damages, and issues which will lead to less performance and function of the vacuum.

What do you need?

To learn more about how to install a filter in the Shark Handy Vacuum, you have to read the manual instructions thoroughly. You have to make sure the filter and dust cups are free of blockages. You should rinse and air dries the filters, depending on the type of filters.

Installing the Filters

A filter is an important thing that can be handled easily in a straightforward manner. Installing the filer is an easy task. There is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is- follow some instructions and be cautious while removing an old filter and installing a new one.

You have to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • You have to push the dust cup release button. The button is located on top of the machine.
  • Next step is placing the filter into the dust cup. Make sure that it fits and slides in the dust cup with no resistance. Never force it to meet the dust cup.
  • Position the dust cup and the motor in the same line, and then push them together. If you hear a click, which means the dust cup is in its correct position and the filter is safe and ready to use.

The filter should be installed correctly so that it can purify the air properly. Don’t try to adjust the filter with the dust cup forcefully; otherwise, you might end up cracking it.


Now you know how to install a filter in the vacuum cleaner. Here a few tips to get optimum performance:

  • It is advised to tap the filter once you have finished cleaning and also between the washings. This reduces the amount of dust and dirt which may store on the parts of the filter.
  • Take out the dust cup and wash it along with the filters that come with the foam. Use running water to clean the accessories every three months.
  • Make sure that the filters are completely dry before reassembling them.

Conclusion: Installing a filter is easy, isn’t it? You even don’t need help from professionals, rather you can do it at home, following the tips and instructions. Also, in order to replace the old filer, you can place the order online or contact the customer service.

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