8 Useful Tips on How to Vacuum and Clean High Pile Rugs

​What Is a Pile Rug?
Everybody prefers using stunning rugs to increase the beauty of the house. Stepping on a high pile rug feels like having soft, silky clouds beneath our feet. But it is a great challenge to clean and maintain the rugs.

​If you have a closer look at your rugs, you will see that the fibers on an area rug are actually tiny loops woven into the rug’s backing.

​These loops are known as rug pile. There two kinds of rug piles: High Pile Rugs and Low Pile Rugs. High pile carpets and rugs make our homes warm and cozy.


High Pile vs Low Pile Rugs

​High pile rugs are made of long fibers and have dense loops. That is the reason they are called shag rugs. But high pile rugs are a bit difficult to vacuum.

​The tall loops of a high pile rug are aesthetic, so usually they are placed under furniture pieces with opposing elements. For example, a dark wood coffee table on a white high pile rug will be a good contrast.

​On the other hand, fibers of low pile rugs are tighter and lower to the ground. They are also easier to vacuum.  These rugs are usually used in the kids’ room, kitchen, and dining room.

Know Your Rug

​To properly clean a rug, you must know the kind of material it is made of. For example, the way of cleaning a sheepskin rug is different from washing a wool rug. Removing stains also depend on the type of rug you have.

​Therefore, read the manufacturers’ instructions of the cleaning the rugs. Depending on the fiber and type of your rug, choose the cleaning method for it.

High Pile Rugs & Carpet

​High Pile Rugs & Carpet

How Often Should We Clean?

​How often we clean our rugs depend on how heavily the rug is used. In a house with children and pets, a rug should be cleaned on daily basis. A less frequently used rug can be cleaned weekly.

Tips and Ways to Clean High Pile Rugs

​Now the question is: how can you vacuum and clean high-pile rugs? There is no easy way to perfectly clean this type of rugs. But the following tips will help you to get your rugs perfectly cleaned.

1. Remove spills and stains

​Stain removal should be done immediately a spill happens. The following steps will help to deal with spills.

  • ​Use a paper towel or a white towel to absorb the moisture from a spill.
  • ​Prepare a cleaning solution of liquid soap and water and rub it onto the wet spot with a light colored towel.
  • ​Rinse off the cleaning solution with water and a wet towel.

2. Vacuuming 

​You can vacuum the rugs on a daily or weekly basis. The high pile rugs should be vacuumed in a way that even deeply embedded particles can be removed. The following tips can help you clean the rug thoroughly.

  • ​Prepare the rugby sweeping the area around it and removing large particles from the rug.
  • ​Adjust the vacuum's setting for the high pile.
  • ​Flip the rug over. And vacuum this surface as well. The particles that are deep in the rug's fibers will be removed.
  • ​Roll up the rug to expose the floor and clean the floor with the vacuum cleaner.
  • ​Vacuum the rug systematically by pushing the vacuum forward in straight lines. Every corner of a high pile rug should be vacuumed several times to get all the dirt out.

3. Old Fashioned Way

​Another way of cleaning a rug is by beating it to dislodge the dirt. This process is known as “old fashioned way.” This method is suitable for small to medium-sized rugs. The process is fairly simple.

  • ​Take the rug outside and hang it on a strong beam.
  • ​Use a rug -beater or a broom, hit the rug to remove particles and dust.
  • ​Leave the rug in the sun. Sunlight kills dust mites and bacteria and gives the rug a pleasant smell.
High Pile Rugs & Carpet


​When using a vacuum cleaner on a high pile rug, never use the brush roll on the rug. It will only tangle or pull out the fibers.

4. Dry shampooing 

​You need to dry shampoo the rug every couple of months. The process is simple.

  • ​First, sprinkle carpet shampoo granules onto the rug.
  • ​Mix the granules in the rug's fibers using the bristles of the vacuum's brush. During this step, the vacuum cleaner should be switched off.
  • ​Let the shampoo sit for the duration indicated in the instructions and then vacuum the rug.

​If the rug is small, it can be tumbled in a dryer to improve its look. This is a step that is taken after the rug has been cleaned. Moving air is all that is needed.

5. Steam clean 

​You can steam clean the carpet once a year. Steam cleaning process deep cleans the rug's fibers all the way to their base. It also restores the rug's beauty. The rug requires time to dry after cleaning.

6. Deep Cleaning 

​Another way to deep clean a rug is by washing it in water.​ There are a few methods of deep cleaning which depend on the different kinds of rugs. The fibers of your rugs also play a vital role to decide whether you should go for deep cleaning or dry cleaning.

7. How to Clean Wool Rugs

​Wool Rugs are best cleaned by the steam cleaner or by professionals. However, it can be washed at home if you follow these steps.

  • ​First, remove dirt and lose particles by a vacuum cleaner or shaking.
  • ​Then, you should place the rug outdoor on a clean surface.
  • ​The rug is then made wet. Next, rub a foamy solution of water and wool laundry liquid in bits onto the rug with a clean sponge.
  • ​Then rinse and squeeze the rug gently to remove moisture as much as possible. If the weather is hot, the rug should dry in one day.

​8. How ​to Clean Shaggy Rugs 

​Cleaning a shaggy is comparatively easier.  

  • ​Shaggy rugs can be cleaned by soaking it in a tub filled with a solution of 4 parts water and 1 part wool laundry liquid.
  • ​Soak the rug for 30 minutes. After rinsing thoroughly with cold water, squeeze excess water from the rug.
  • ​Finally, lay it in a shaded place so that it may air dry. It is a task for a perfect sunny day.

​Conclusion: High pile rugs require a great amount of care. It takes a lot of patience and time to clean the rugs in the old fashioned way. To keep pace with our busy life, and make things easier for us- most of the vacuum cleaners come with options to effectively clean carpets and rugs.

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