How To Change The Belt On A Shark Vacuum Cleaner

​Shark vacuum cleaners are one among the finest and the reliable vacuum cleaners that you can rely on. But sometimes, it is possible that even for the best shark vacuum cleaners there are chances for the parts to break or wear with over the time.

There are many models of the shark vacuums cleaners which have got the cleaning head that is motorized and rotates. This rotator process is driven using the belt.

​The shark vacuums are designed in such a way that they can last for quite a long time. But there are a few old models that don’t have the automatic switch that is meant for automatic cut off which can be trapped in roller brush.


​Consequently, the belt might break. In the shark vacuums, there are chances for the motor to cut out before the belt breaks if anything gets tangled.

How To Replace The Belt On A Shark Vacuum Cleaner: A Step By Step Guide

​Fixing the belt of the shark vacuum is a simple task, and doesn’t require any special tool or knowledge of an expert.

Depending on the shark vacuum model which you are trying to repair, you may just need a Phillips screwdriver or flat head screwdriver. You might also require a hairbrush that is old for cleaning the roller brush in a vacuum along with a pair of scissors.

Preparing Vacuum Cleaner:

​Before you begin the maintenance process, ensure to switch off the machine, and unplug it from the power source. This is one of those first steps you should do before you are undertaking the maintenance on electrical equipment.

​If the model of the shark vacuum cleaner that you have comes with lock option in the upright position, lock it. You can remove, empty and clean the dust cup. You then have to keep the vacuum cleaner horizontally on the floor, so that you get access to the unit of the brush roller.

Removing Roller Cover:

​Make sure to use the right kind of screwdriver-Philips or Flathead whichever in-corporate with the vacuum you have got. Undo screws which hold roller cover in its place.

​Depending on the different models, positions of screws may vary. They are to locate when you are trying to lift that up but you should not force if you can’t lift it easily but it just means that you might have missed one among those retaining screws.

​It is important for you to know that some shark vacuums come with the electric connection that exists between the body of the roller unit and cover.

Removing Roller:

​Once you remove the cover, you may be able to see the way roller is assembled and also belt which can drive that. You should remove roller itself for replacing the belt if the belt is worn or lost teeth or it is broken completely.

​The clasp is the roller's end- which is much far away from belt between fingers and then lifts it out of the holder. You can easily lift out on one side that of the roller and is attached to the belt, afterward, you can slip the belt over it.

​It might be have broken on another end of the belt and may be attached to the motor shaft.

Cleaning Brush and also Inside Head of Roller:

​Once the Roller brush is removed from the motorized head, this is the time you can have for giving t the finest clean. Using an old brush to clean, it is a good idea as old hairbrush is a great tool for cleaning.

​But you also should ensure that the brush is clean before you clean the interiors of the roller. It is possible for you to make use of the scissors for removing some hair if it is tangled.

​Pliers can be used to remove anything that stuck with the brush. It is also possible for removing any kinds of debris if there are stuck in the cover of the roller.

Replacing the Belt:

​In order to replace the belt, the new belt needs to slide around the driving shaft associated with a vacuum cleaner and also on the seat.

​Next, you should then replace the belt end of the roller, sliding belt around a roller- which is inside the plastic guides and stops the belt from slipping.

​You should then clip far side of roller back to slots provided for that, and then adjust belt as necessary to ensure that it is properly sitting on the roller and drive shaft. Don’t forget to check that belt has got the proper tension to work on.

​Finally, Reassembling Roller Unit:

​You should replace the cover of the brush roller, and then tighten that down with screws that you have removed earlier. Make sure to tighten the screws firmly.

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