Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV352 Review

​A high quality and powerful vacuum cleaner is always required for both efficient and reliable cleaning. You will need a high quality vacuum cleaner  for both bare floor and carpets, which is Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum is one of the popular cleaners among the users, and should be in every house hold.

​The lightweight vacuum cleans is also easily portable. This is very easy to maneuver for its swivel steering; a special feature that comes with the cleaner.  This is one of the best shark vacuum cleaners in the market today for all these special features.


​If you get a Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum today, you will be astonished by its excellent services.

Whom is this product designed for?

  • ​Housewives/Head of the house
  • ​Homeowners
  • ​Commercial cleaners

Key Features of ​Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV352


High-quality shark vacuum is easily portability for light weight, thus, you can effortlessly carry it around the house while the cleaning.

This portable cleaner also features high-quality premium pet tools; therefore, it has become one of the best vacuums in the market which is perfect for cleaning the pet hair on both carpet and bare floor conveniently.

The easy to operate cleaner will enhance and make your cleaning experience blissful.

Better Carpet and Bare Floor Cleaning:

​You can use this Shark vacuum cleaner on the carpet and on bare floor simultaneously, so if you are looking for a cleaner which would do both then this is the vacuum cleaner you must go for.

​The classy vacuum is designed to ensure quality cleaning on both bare floor and the carpet while providing excellent services. It is also cleans all corners of the house including stairs for which, the ultimate shark vacuum is so popular in the market today.

Redefined Suction Technology:

​This vacuum cleaner uses the suction technology during the cleaning process. This special feature will guarantee you a stunning clean. For the powerful suction technology, it will be easier to keep the floor pet hair or any other particle free.

The smart vacuum cleaner never loses the suction technology no matter what and work properly.

​This feature makes the vacuum cleaner very convenient to use, and it will maintain the same standard of services even after few years.

​On top of everything, the shark vacuum is made from high-quality material to ensure that it lasts for the longest time possible.

Rotating Steering:

​The shark vacuum comes with the swivel steering for which it is easy to carry the cleaner everywhere in the house, and you can also control the movement of the vacuum cleaner to any given part of the floor throughout the cleaning process.

​While you are cleaning every part of the house, for its high-quality cleaning brushes you will be less exhausted. The brushes can easily be used to all corners of the house and on the stairs.

​This high-quality vacuum cleaner has a Brush roll Shutoff which saves power when not in use, hence it saves electricity as well. You can rely on   this vacuum cleaner for all cleaning activities.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal:

​The Shark Navigator Lift -Away Vacuum is very safe for everyone, even for the allergic individuals since it employs the anti -allergen complete seal technology.

​This improved technology ensures that the particles are completely sealed and can't escape while being emptied.

​Besides the anti-allergen complete seal, the vacuum cleaner also features the HEPA, to ensure the safety of the vacuum.

  • ​Its lightweight so easily portable
  • ​The vacuum easy to assemble, and makes sure the safety
  • ​The cleaner guarantees excellent cleaning services
  • ​It is comparatively affordable
  • ​This cleaner comes with a short cord which could be a problem, but you can always use an extension cord

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q​1: How can we clean the filter?

By lifting the door from the bottom the filters can be cleaned properly

Q​2: Does the vacuum have strong suction power to pick up paper clips?

Yes, it does. The vacuum cleaner has a great suction that doesn’t leave anything behind

Q​3: What is the difference between the nv352 and nv353?

The 352 features the lint brush with holes meant for suction, while the 353 comes with the attached power brush.

​Final verdict

​The vacuum has high-quality features which enhance its services, and the way it cleans every part of the house, it ensures that dust and allergens are removed properly. The highly functioning and greatly designed, Shark vacuum is available online at an affordable price.

​Place your order today, to give it a try. The product will be delivered within the estimated time if you place your order today.

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