Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L Review

Cleaning various variety of surfaces including bare floor, carpets, stairs, and wooden floors is not an easy task. Each of these surfaces and items is disposed to dirt, dust, and debris of various kinds from various sources such as human agents, pets, grease and many more.

Cleaning such surfaces efficiently and easily requires a piece of equipment that can handle dirt of all nature as well as all the various types of surfaces at a time. The Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L is one of those rare vacuum cleaners which is designed to fulfill this precise needs requirement.


Shark Corporation, the global cleaning appliance maker- has manufactured the product and is available at all the leading retail outlets. The entire toolkit comes with the following items: 5.5-inch crevice tool, a dusting brush, a wide upholstery tool, and a 24-inch crevice tool. 

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

Generally, it is designed for regular cleaning works that require a swift response. The following persons should find it particularly important:

  • Chefs
  • Housewives
  • General Cleaners
  • Gardeners

Key Features of Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L

1. Easily portable

This vacuum cleaner has top-notch features that greatly improve its movement ability during a cleaning process. 

Its best features are consists of the extremely lightweight design and compact size. The vacuum weighs about 16.8 pounds (7.6 kg) and size is only 11.9 inches wide by 14 inches long by 46 inches tall/wide.

Additionally, this ease of maneuverability also makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to reach out to the inaccessible areas easily, thus, ensuring very amazing results. It also allows users to utilize for a longer duration of time therefore, they don't get tired or fatigued.

2. Portability

As it has already been discussed above, the vacuum cleaner weighs only 16.8 pounds (7.6 kg), which is why it can be lifted easily, and deployed to the precise location of intended use without any unnecessary drag or inconveniences.

When it comes to clean congested homes, this feature is particularly handy. Since the vacuum is lightweight, it is very easy to empty after the conclusion of a cleaning session which leads to as minimal spillages of dirt as possible.

3. Better Results

While cleaning various surfaces, this vacuum delivers very consistently, uniform, and excellent results throughout the process. On top of that, it never loses the suction power at all throughout the entire cleaning session. 

All the surfaces in the house achieve the same texture, cleanliness, appearance, and outcome thus it creates the same aesthetics of the cleaned surfaces. 

Since this vacuum comes with various tools and accessories, it also ensures that those areas that are largely inaccessible and out of reach of the ordinary cleaning tools are also clean with relative ease and there is a minimal strain as much as possible. 

4. Extended Range and Dirt Bag

This has a 25-foot long power cable which gives the users the freedom to use it farther away from the main source of power. All the corners of the typical home, the areas under the furniture, and outdoor areas can be cleaned easily through this appliance. 

Its large capacity dirt bag also ensures to remove as much dirt as possible and subsequently extends the range within which it may be used.

5. Versatility

The vacuum cleaner’s unique design enables allow it to accommodate several accessories and tools including the 5.5 -inch crevice tool, a dusting brush, easy access wands, premium pet hair tools, a wide upholstery tool, and a 24 -inch crevice tool, among others. 

These accessories make the cleaner a versatile one as the tools reduce unnecessary inconveniences, enable pet hair and other debris to be removed with relative ease.

This machine saved time, and return as high value for money as possible to the users. The appliance is thus a "one-stop shop" solution for all the ordinary homeowners.

  • Affordable: It is relatively affordable as compared to other products in the market.
  • Durable: This cleaner designed made of materials that are very resistant to the elements of wear and tear.
  • Limited Applicability: It is unable to perform a wide variety of cleaning tasks since it accommodates fewer accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can it be adjusted for various heights?

A. NO!

Q2. How many filters in total does it have?

A. It has three different filters to use.

Final Verdict:

This vacuum cleaner is particularly useful for everyday home use because of its combined factors which include low cost, lightweight, and ease of use. It is suitable for ordinary homeowners who are confronted with less dirt but which are of diverse causes and nature. 

All the various types of furniture and cleaning surfaces that are present in the typical home will be vacuumed with this cleaner.

If you are a homeowner, and looking for a vacuum cleaner to keep your home immaculate and tidy at all times, then this indeed is the vacuum cleaner to settle for.

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