The Best Way to Clean Carpet

We use the floor carpet for two reasons. The first reason for using carpets is- to minimize the amount of dust in every room of the house. And secondly, carpets are used to increase the beauty and aesthetics of our home.

But keeping that carpet clean or trying to find the best way to clean carpet could be a daunting task.

Most people want to clean their carpet in the best possible way. But sometimes they get confused about how to do it. However, there are many ways to clean our carpets if it gets dirty.

Read this article to find more about the different and best ways of cleaning carpets properly.


Best Way to Clean Carpet Step-by-Step

You can clean your carpet with ease using vacuum cleaners. Using the steam cleaning machine is also another way to clean the carpets of your house.

Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to clean your carpet. It is mandatory to have professional carpet cleaning at least once in a year to increase the lifespan of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning helps remove oily stains that cannot be cleaned with regular vacuum cleaners. 

The following are names of some of the best vacuum cleaners which are useful for the carpets to clean and maintain.

This is one of the best filters in cleaning the carpet. It comes with great features that give excellent results after cleaning the carpet.

With a bagged upright vacuum made up of the self- closing bag, it also has a cyclonic filter system, and a right air technology with air channels to create suction. It comes with amazing features that make it easy to use the cleaner while cleaning the carpets.

Hoover Platinum cleaners have a portable canister with a hose telescopic wand that has powerful attachments which help in cleaning Bissell Clean view.

It is another fantastic cleaner for carpets with great features. It is recommended for small to medium households to maintain clean and decent carpets. 

With high cyclonic technology and a filtration system that has a post and pre-motor filter- this vacuum is great to remove dirt from the carpets.

Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz

This is another best carpet cleaner. Made up of patented swivel neck technology, it can quickly move above obstacles. It also removes all the dirt that is on the furniture with ease.

This vacuum cleaner has a filter system which features parts like the HEPA filter. It filters all the dirt and substance on the surface of the carpet with efficiency.

Hoover WindTunnel is one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners for carpets. It features cyclonic technology that has three air channels to help deep cleaning your carpet.

Deep cleaning not only removes dirt and dust on the surface of the carpet but also deeply embedded dirt substances on your carpet.

This cleaner also has an advanced filtration system. This filter system forces the air through the channels of suction to separate fine dust from the fresh air and suck it into the bin which keeps the suction power strong.

The above cleaners are great in providing amazing results after cleaning your carpet

Steam Cleaning Machine:

Sometimes you get stubborn stains on your carpets. You can rent a steam cleaning machine or purchase the device for the carpet cleaning purposes.

However, be very careful in the process of cleaning the carpet as some of the used detergents can leave the residue which can attract dirt and dust.

It is advisable to hire a professional to do the job as they will give you great results in cleaning your carpet.

If you don’t dry the carpet properly after cleaning, this can cause molds below the carpet padding which can damage your carpet.

Steam cleaning of carpet is a delicate process. The whole cleaning process involves cleaning the carpet with warm water, thus it is advisable to seek help from a professional who will also know the kind of detergents they will use.

Otherwise, some of the detergents may have adverse effects on the children or pets in the house.


It is important to clean your house including the carpets. Many vacuum cleaners such as shark vacuums can do the job well, but they require proper usage in the process of cleaning.

Professionals in this part of cleaning will help in giving better results and make our carpet much cleaner and assist in prolonging its life contrary to what we could do if we have to do the cleaning ourselves.

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