Simple Tips for Removing Organic Stains from Carpets

If you have you have pets such as dogs and cats in your home, and you regularly hold parties in your carpeted home where wining and dining are common features you must have had experiences with organic stains on your lovely carpets.

Continue reading this article carefully on how to remove organic stains from your carpet. 


Usually, pets tend to pee all over the place, especially on the carpets. Liquids like wine spills, fruit juice, and food particles leave obnoxious organic stains on the carpet which are hard to get rid of. Sometimes these stains create bad odors if you do not take out them promptly.

Removing Organic Stains Step-by-Step

The following are some simple, straightforward tips and guidance for you on how to remove organic stains from your carpets:

Remove the Stains Quickly

When it comes to removing organic stains from your carpet, time is very important. If you spill a glass of red wine or your favorite puppy pees on your carpet, you need to do something hurriedly. Clean the affected area of the carpet with a piece of clean white cloth immediately.

Try blemishing the stain as much as possible, using the cloth. Unfortunately, the longer you let the stain set, the more stubborn it will become. Then it will be quite difficult for you to remove a stubborn organic stain from the carpet effortlessly. 

Also, always use a clean white cloth that when removing organic stains from your carpets and rugs. Otherwise, if you use a colored or dyed cloth, the color may be transferred to your carpet and such a situation will make things difficult for you as then the carpet will become discolored.

On the other hand, your cloth has to be bleach free so that it does not bleach out the colors and patterns on your carpet. Try avoiding to damage or discolor your carpet by doing the wrong thing.

Synthetic Fiber and Natural Fiber Carpets

Before removing the stain, try to find the nature of your carpets fibers. The techniques you need to use for organic stain removal might differ somewhat from synthetic fiber than natural fiber carpets. Start by dipping a clean white cloth in a solution of detergent, if the stained carpet is made with synthetic fibers. 

For a few seconds dab repeatedly, and press the cloth on the stained area of your carpet, and then wait for about 15 minutes or so for the detergent to set in. 

This process will give the detergent time to break down the stain's organic compounds. Then use a dry white cloth to soak up the excess detergent solution if there is any. 

In next step dip another piece of clean white cloth into a solution of white vinegar and use this cloth to dab the stained area repeatedly and press it on the spot for about 20 seconds or more. 

Next very important step is to wait for about half an hour. The white vinegar helps remove end remaining detergent from the carpet. If you don’t follow skip for laziness or lack of time, the remaining detergent will get unwanted dirt stuck onto your carpet. 

Natural Fiber Carpets

Fiber Carpet

Now you have to use a clean white cloth which is soaked in water to rinse the stained area by blotting. Keep repeating this until the stain is completely gone. Wait until your carpet is completely dry, after completing the above mentioned steps. 

Drying the carpet will ensure that mold does not form inside your carpet, and it does not develop an unwanted odor.

For carpets that are made with natural fiber, use a slightly different approach from the one detailed for synthetic carpets. For removing stains from such carpets, make sure that you have some handheld sprayers. 

Fill out the sprayers with a solution of detergent to spray the solution on the stained spot on your carpet. With a clean cloth blot out the area. In order to remove the excess detergent solution, blot it out white vinegar.

Repeat the same process, and respray the area with the detergent solution and blot it out with a clean white cloth.

Final and last step, spray the area with lukewarm water and blot it out thoroughly. Keep repeating all these steps until the stain on your carpet is completely gone. Then ensure to dry the carpet completely.

Spillage on Your Carpets

You have to use a different technique if the spillage on your carpet is extreme. Above we described how to use vinegar to remove stains. In this case with excessive spillages, place a thick stack of white paper towels on top of the stained area after the "vinegar" step. 

You need to Place a weighted item like a baking dish made of glass on top of the half-inch thick paper towel stack. You can repeat the other steps for removing an organic stain until the stain is completely removed. This technique of removing difficult organic stains is very useful.

Special Stain Treatment

In case you spill liquids like fruit juice, wine or milk on your carpet, there is a different technique to remove those stains. The Vinegar step is very handy when it comes to organic stains.

Spray the stained area with a solution of ammonia, just before the step where you need to use white vinegar. 

In the next step you have to use a clean piece of white cloth to blot out any excess ammonia solution entirely. The rest of the steps remain the same.


In everyday life, stains on the carpet are inevitable. Poop and urine of pets, wine spills, and food particles cause stain the carpets. These tips and thorough guide will help you to remove organic stains from the carpets in your house.

If there is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the house, it will certainly come in handy. The faster you remove the organic stains from your carpet, the better for you and this will make your carpets last longer. 

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