How to Clean Laminate Floors: Maintain and Restore Guide

There had been a high demand for laminate floors has been increased popularity of among many homeowners.

There are quite a few reasons why laminate floors are increasingly becoming popular, and it's expensive yet glossy. The maintained look is something to die for as well for its beautiful textures for which laminate floors look amazingly beautiful and classy. 

However, such flooring has the not -so -good reputation for being challenging to mop. Its need great care, which can be burdensome for many people.


How to Clean Laminate Floors

It's always recommendable to start by first brushing off the floor to clean laminate flooring. To do that you need to use a small, soft brush that cleans away any surface grit, debris, and dirt. 

Using this as a beforehand sweeping and preparation for a real cleaning, maybe vacuuming it would be a good idea. Cleaning a laminate floor isn't advised. Therefore, if you've decided to vacuum it, make sure not to do it regularly.

But why not vacuum? Since, vacuums clean by collecting small and hard particles, which then lodge on some of its moving parts (such as the wheels). This process might cause scratches on the laminate floor. 

Also, as the vacuum cleaner is portable, and moves around in the house. As a result, it might cause some damages that you might not even realize. 

A great and safe alternative way to clean a laminate floor is- to use of a handheld rechargeable cleaner that’s has a soft brush attachment. Don’t forget to use a homemade natural cleaner, if you are looking to wipe a spill off a laminate floor. 

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There are a lot of options to pick from. The combination of a handheld cleaner with homemade cleaners will both keep your laminated floor clean, and also prevent your family from harmful chemicals. 

It's advisable to use a microfiber pad whenever you are cleaning the floors without chemicals. As the microfiber pad or clothing will be extra soft, and won't damage your precious laminated floor. 

A dry dust mop is the best cleaning method to clean the laminate floor. Avoiding wet mops, with both water and liquid cleaners is a good idea. 

How to Maintain Laminate Floors

Using a fingernail polish remover will be helpful if there is any spillage on the floor (paint, tar, oil). You can also remove the stubborn stains with remover. It's better if you wiped off the spills using homemade natural cleaners. 

If harsh substances are stuck on the laminated floor, such as a piece of chewing gum or wax, you'll have to use ice to remove them. And then you will have to scrape them with a plastic scraper very carefully and gently (an expired credit card works just fine). 

While scraping off, be careful not to scratch any surface. Using the soft yet slightly damp cloth to wipe the area is an excellent idea. Try avoiding too much cleaner. Expensive cleaners are not necessarily the answer while maintaining a laminate floor. 

However, if you decide to use a cleaner, then it's okay if you pick something that's within your budget, and which is suitable for laminate materials.

Always avoid soap

No matter how more comfortable it is to use soap on the laminate floor, you have to avoid using soap on such floor.

Soap always leaves remainder behind, which dulls down the finish of the floor. You should keep in mind that liquid isn't suitable for laminate floors.

Water and other liquids tend to leak in between a laminate board, which causes swelling and damage the laminate floor. Try to spray as much as possible. Lastly, try to avoid using polish, detergents, wax, varnish, and shine enhancers as well. 

Restoring Laminate Floors to make it look great

You’ll require sacrificing a few minutes and rubbing it dry for a laminate floor to restore its amazing and shiny look. When you utilize an absorbent mopping head. 

For example, get cloth diapers or a microfiber cleaning cloth. They work as the best buffing rags. UV rays may bring about fading of the floor; protect the laminate floor from it.

Installing a protective window coverings is essential. Periodically rearranging your furniture and rugs is a wise idea which will allow your laminate floor age evenly. 

Use quality or expensive guest rags, if needed since usually it is placed at the front door. Lets the guests wipe their feet off, consequently reduce the chances of walking across the laminate floor with damaging and corrosive small substances. 

You can use rubber stoppers and runners at the bottom of the furniture. Its help avoid and protect the laminate floor from scratches.

Final Thoughts:

You have to clean the laminate floor on a regular basis if there is one sure way you can keep that shiny look. 

Fundamentally, a laminate floor is made to last and look glossy. And if the level is taken care of properly, it will stay shiny the longest time possible. You can seek advice from professional laminate floor cleaners to protect and keep your floor clean and bright.

Therefore, if there is any damage on your laminate floor, and you feel you can't handle it, take help from a specialist.

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