Understanding How to Measure a Vacuum Cleaner’s Performance

While buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to identify the right one, as the whole idea behind using a vacuum cleaner is to clean out your rugs, carpets, and living area.

An efficient vacuum cleaner will get the job done; thus you need to buy the right vacuum cleaner. There are a number of variables that can help you to understand the performance of a vacuum cleaner. 


How to Measure a Vacuum Cleaners Performance?

The following features will guide you in measuring the performance of a vacuum cleaner and make the right purchase decision.

Suction Power

The motor is the core component of any vacuum cleaner. In your vacuum cleaner check the rating of the engine. It will generate lots of suction power if it has a powerful motor. When the vacuum cleaner has extensive suction power, it will be able to pick up dirt and debris much faster. 

The ratings of the engine depending on a few things including watts, amperes, volts or horsepower. If you are not too good with figures and technical terms, more natural way to remember the ratings of the motor is- the higher the amperes, watts or horsepower rating of the engine, the more powerful it is.

Airflow and Filtration

From the airflow and filtration features and ratings of your vacuum cleaner, you will get an idea of its functionality. You will know - if the particular vacuum cleaner can filter out any contaminants that may be in the air. 

You will also be able to see if you can add any attachments to your vacuum cleaner. In case you need to clean out any hard to reach areas -this increases its flexibility.

Noise and Capacity

When you use a vacuum cleaner, check the noise levels that are generated by it. A deep cleaner will scare the kids and pets when in use. Though, the noise levels produced by the vacuum cleaner will not necessarily have an impact on its overall performance. 

However, you probably would not want a noisy vacuum cleaner. Also, choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with a large capacity dust bag or bin. It will reduce the works of any repetitive, tedious emptying of the dust bag or container.

Quality and Cost Effectiveness

As you decide to pick an ideal vacuum cleaner, make sure that an established, reputable manufacturer manufactures it. Going for a brand name would be a good idea. 

However, it is also essential for you to keep in mind that the reputation of the vacuum cleaners manufacturer may have no connection on its overall quality. 

It is right to create a good reputation takes some time and hard work on the part of the manufacturer. In this case, if the manufacturer has a good reputation, this will speak volumes about the quality of the vacuum cleaner. 

The most essential guideline for you is the price tag of the vacuum cleaner. You may end up spending out a lot of money for an expensive vacuum cleaner when a model that is much cheaper could have done a better job.

Final Verdict:

When purchasing your vacuum cleaner, you should make sure to get the right vacuum cleaner which can perform optimally and efficiently.

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