Best Method: How to Clean Old Hardwood Floors

Cleaning the house and maintaining it properly is a very hard task. And, cleaning house requires a great deal of attention and usage of the best ways to make sure that the house is spotless and shining.

You have to be very careful and act like a professional while cleaning floors and especially old hardwood floors which require more detailed cleaning.

There are some ways which you can use to make sure the old hardwood floors are clean and tidy as old hardwood floors require great care when cleaning because of their delicate natures.


How to Remove Dust from Old Hardwood Floors

Your first priority should be dust free and clean house, and in order to achieve a clean house, you have to keep the old hardwood floor clean and dust free.

To ensure that your old wood floor is clean and free from all kinds of dust, there are some cleaning tips that you can apply. You should remove dust from the floor on regular basis to avoid accumulation of excess dust on the crevices of the hardwood floor and make it difficult in cleaning. 

How to Clean Old Hardwood Floors Perfectly?

  • Sweeping: To rub dust from the service of the floor, use a soft sweeper.
  • Vacuuming: Shark vacuum cleaners can assist in removing dust and dirt from the hardwood floors. Any Shark vacuum will get the job done perfectly.
  • Moping: Another way to clean the floor is by using a damp mop but first; eliminate the dust by either sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner.

Removing Old Wax Accumulation On The Floor

Removing old wax is comparatively easier, by using any cleaning product. Although some products like ammonia end up affecting the level and even causing significant damage to it. 

It is advised to use the products approved by the manufacturer while removing wax. On the other hand, applying good wax on the floor service helps keep it clean and shiny.

You can maintain the following process while using the wax on the floor:

  • Use only the kind of wax that the manufacturer has recommended.
  • To ensure that the wax dries faster and well, make sure that the ventilation of the area is fine when applying the wax.
  • Apply the second coat of the wax, when the first coating is dry properly and distributed all over the floor. Once the second coat of wax has dried, apply the last coat of wax and let it dry.

There are other great ways of cleaning the floor:

There are many great other ways of cleaning the floor which can make things easier for you.

  • You can apply water and soap on the old hardwood floor; it is a good mixture to clean the floor. This needs to be a thorough cleaning process to achieve the best results that you want.
  • You can also mix vinegar and oil which is a home remedy for cleaning hardwood floors. Spray the mixture on the dusted hardwood floor. You have to use a small amount of water to keep the balance as plenty of it can destroy the floor.
  • To make the floor look shiny, after the cleaning- rub the floor- evenly apply a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil in equal proportions.

Using steel wool:

Using wool is a great way of removing stains of different kinds even from hardwood ones. Add some alcohol on the steel wool, and rub it over the floor. If this seems not effective in removing the stains, you have to sand the area.

There are many cleaners in the market for wooden floors, however, the neutral cleaner mixed with water- is the best option for all sealed hardwood floors.

Using Gliders:

If you have to move a lot for either professional or personal reasons, it becomes very difficult to move the furniture every now and then. Therefore, when moving furniture in the house trying to avoid dragging objects on the floor, carry them instead.


Usually, doormats are placed at every entrance into the room, they keep the floor dust free. They help in preventing spreading of dust that accumulates of the shoes, as dirt on the shoes can cause surface damage. 

If you have pets that have the habit of urinating on the hardwood floors, try removing the mess immediately. If no one is at home, it is better to keep the pets away from the hardwood floors- until there is someone at home.


Maintaining the floor of our house is important. Since hardwood floors are delicate, great care is necessary for cleaning them. The above tips are the best ways to clean such floors with much care and professionalism.

If you can apply the tips appropriately while cleaning, you will get beautifully clean, and shiny floor which will make you feel better and refreshed. Cleaning the floor regularly is also important for the sustainability of the wooden floors as well.

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