How to Replace and Fix a Vacuum Cleaner Belt

​A vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful appliances at home. It performs the most difficult job properly and keeps the house clean.

​However, sometimes you will notice your vacuum is not picking up the debris efficiently.​ This may happen if your machine’s belt is broken.

​Vacuum cleaner belts are made of rubber. And like anything else made of rubber, vacuum cleaner belt stretches wears out and finally breaks.


​A broken belt always doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one or spend money for the repairing services. Simple repairs can be performed at home if you know the simple steps to change your vacuum cleaner belt. 

Symptoms of a Broken Vacuum Belt

​How would you know when is the time to change the belt? The belt will start demonstrating symptoms which will be helpful for you to realize whether it is a time to replace or fix the belt or not.

  • ​If the vacuum cleaner runs but leaves dirt on the floor, there is a chance that the belt isn't working properly. Also, the machine will make louder noise with a broken belt. Brush roller won’t spin.
  • ​Also, a worn out belt can make the brush rolls slower- making it hard to move the vacuum head on the carpets.

Taking a Closer Look at the Belt

​The belt is located in the vacuum cleaner's brush roll area. It connects the vacuum's motor to the brush roll. This connection allows the motor to spin the brush.

​To access the belt, you have to turn off and unplug the vacuum and then turn it to expose its bottom. The brush roll is covered by a plate that is held in place with screws or clips.

​Once you detach the plate which will expose the brush, motor and the belt. After detaching the plate, you can confirm with our eyes if the belt has stretched or snapped.

Important Tools to Replace the Belt

​You will need a few tools to replace a vacuum cleaner belt. The important tools are: Screwdriver (electric or regular), new vacuum belt (depending on your vacuum type)

​How to Replace the Belt

​You can easily replace the belt following these steps.

Find the Old Belt:

  • ​Use your screwdriver. Look for the screws holding the bottom plate of the vacuum head which can be in different places. In most cases, it is located in the bottom but sometimes it can be on the top of the vacuum head.
  • ​Once you have taken the screws out, remove the plate and follow with your finger in the belt until you find the place where it is attached with the motor.
  • ​Remember the place of the pulley spindle in the motor.  So that you can attach the new belt in the right place later.

​Vacuum cleaner belt

​The position of the vacuum belt, no matter what type of vacuum you use, is the same. As the belt holds the brush roller, the belt is usually located in the vacuum head somewhere around the roller.

Take Out the Brush Roller to Clean It:

  • ​Take out the brush roller along with the old belt
  • ​Use the opportunity to clean the brush. Remove any hair or dirt, before you put it back with a new belt.

Using New Belt:

  • ​After cleaning the brush roller, now you can put the new belt around the roller.
  • ​ Find the pulley spindle and attach the new belt back to it.
  • ​It needs to be firm and well-stretched but not too much. Otherwise, you will face the same problem of it being broken or worn out quickly.

Security Check:

  • ​Before moving to the next step, ensure everything is done correctly.
  • ​Also, before you put the plate back, manually roll the brush roller to check if it is running smoothly. Check if the belt is attached to its place correctly.
  • ​Don’t just put the plate back without checking the results.

​Put the Plate Back:

  • ​Now finally, you can put the plate of the vacuum head back to its place
  • ​Use the screwdriver to fix the screws
  • ​Get the vacuum back to the floor to check everything is working properly without any issues

​Following the same above mentioned steps, you can get the belt changed in less than ten minutes.

​It is advised to replace the belt every 6 months to 1 year, depending on how excessively you use the vacuum cleaner.

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