How to Clean Wood Floors Using Vinegar with Water and the Vacuum

​Getting the hardwood floors clean is could be a daunting task if you don’t know what solution to use along with the vacuum cleaner. For many years homeowners have been using vinegar and water to clean wooden floors on regular basis.

​But you have to use the right combination of water and vinegar. Warm water is great as a cleaner if it right amounts is applied on the floor.

​Water can cause the floor to swell and warp which causes a ripple effect on your floor. The Shark vacuum system helps maintain the right combination of the mixed solution.


​Now the question remains how to mix the right amounts of vinegar and water to get a clean streak -free floor?

​First of all, you will need to use white vinegar, not the apple cider vinegar. Add a cup of vinegar in one gallon of warm water to create a solution that will clean your hardwood floors.

​The vinegar creates an acetic acid that helps to remove the grease and grime build up on your floor.

​When you use this combination, you will find that there won't be any leftover residue on your floor, and your hardwood floor will be to streak free.

Proper Equipment to Use for Cleaning

​Once you have prepared the solution, put it in the Shark vacuum system to get started with the cleaning process and achieve a clean streak-free floor.

​The right equipment is very important. Do not use a sponge mop or one of those swap the deck types of mops because they just make your floor streaked and do not really pick up any of the residues on the floor.

​You don't want to move the dirt around. To avoid the mess, use the Shark vacuum called, “Shark Genius,” which is made to help clean your hardwood flooring. The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System provides you with excellent cleaning power.

​ “Steam Pocket Mop System” also comes with an efficient mop that provides you the best services when it comes to removing build-up grime and grease on the floor. It is geared with Steam Blaster Technology so that no streaks will occur.

​The system has been around since 1936, and well known for the ability to clean hardwood floors making them streak free.

​You have manual control, so you can release your water and vinegar solution as you want it to hit the floor. Just fill the flask with the solution and gently run the mop over the floor.

​As you are able to use one of the three steam control units, you can scrub harder in the areas that are heavy traffic. It is usually those areas that have a heavy build-up of grime and grease.

​Cleaning the Flooring

​You only need to fill the flask with the vinegar and water solution that you made up in order to get it to clean your hardwood flooring quickly and efficiently. The triangle mop head with the triangle dirt grip pad glides easily over the floor.

​Always remember water is wood's worst enemy, but Shark Vacuum gives you full control to avoid extra water which might damage your floor.

​You do not need to struggle or put any extra effort at all. Depending on how much dirt and grime is built-up, you can use the right settings from your 3 -settings unit.

​The use of your Genius Mop Head will eliminate any possibility of missing any dirt on the floor. The 3 -Settings of “Intelligent Steam Control,” makes it much easier for you to dust, mop or scrub according to what is needed to get a perfectly clean floor.

​Advantages Of The Solution

​You have probably heard from your grandmother or mom that vinegar is the best for cleaning. The solution is Eco-safe as well. Organic and Eco-friendly solutions are very important these days.  

​Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution. Therefore, mixing it with water will help facilitate the cleaning of your hardwood flooring.

​When you use the Shark Genius, Steam Pocket Mop System it will help eliminate the use of too much water.

​The steam that comes from the Shark vacuum is good for the floor, and the vinegar will help prevent any streaks. Shark provides the best system for cleaning hardwood floors today.


​The old-fashioned method to wash floors works great with Shark vacuum cleaners. Thus, just vacuum and sweep the surface of your wooden floor on regular basis.  And you have enough time in hand, apply this old method along with Shark Genius vacuum cleaner to get a fresh shinning floor. A refreshing spotless floor will fill your heart with joy.

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